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Traffic policeman / Inspector - Meaning of Dream

If you see a traffic policeman pointing a baton at you in your dream, in real life you will have a fateful meeting with high-ranking person. Your future will depend on him.

A dream where traffic inspector prescribes you a penalty is a good sign, soon the development of your business will accelerate, and your income will increase.

If traffic policeman checks the presence of medical kit in your car, it means that soon you will reach your goals.

If he stops you for breaking the law – you will face difficult choice concerning your material state and profit.

If you dream that a traffic policeman stops a car and talks about possible violations, with request to show documents, the dream means that in the near future all of your deals will be accompanied by failures. But don’t worry, these difficulties will be temporary. If you dream that a policeman had fined you for nothing, it means that you will be promoted or your bank account will be credited with unexpected large sum of money.

A dream in which a policeman stands with a camera and records your violations warns about excess of excitability and nervous state of a driver. You need to calm your nerves and not worry about every little thing. If you dream of a traffic cop-regulator, it means that you are too concerned about the state of your car and plan to do an overhaul.