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Tram - Meaning of Dream


Tram is a symbol of the road and meetings, as well as the monotony of life and predestination.

In many ways, the interpretation of the tram is similar to the meaning of other forms of public transport, in particular to the bus. But there are also significant differences. If you remember the details of your dream, it will be easier for you to interpret your dream, and get more precise meaning.

The most important of which is that the tram is moving on rails, without which it can not move. And this means that it has a certain way of prejudging, limited freedom of choice. If you dream of a tram, you have the same problems, as it does – you can’t choose the direction where to proceed, everything is quite usual, and you are afraid to change anything.

If you dream of a tram that goes to its station, where you stand and wait for it, it's the sign of guests, or meeting with old friends. If you are standing at the bus stop and tram stops in front of you, and you see a lot of people coming out of it, it means that you will make many new acquaintances.

If you go inside the tram, this dream promises you an upcoming an interesting journey with new acquaintances. Do not miss the chance to get new impressions in life.

If you dream that you see a tram that passes you by, it means that now is the time to change something in your life. If you proceed the same way and don’t change anything, you will stagnate for a long time in one place, both in relationships with other people, and at work.

If you dream of a tram that is just standing on the tracks and is not moving - it is a symbol of the fact that now you better do not change anything in your life, because all the good changes will come by themselves. Don't rock the boat, you shouldn’t worry or hustle, and in any case do not break the relationship, otherwise it may cause you disappointment and troubles. It will be hard for you to be alone and solve all your problems alone.

If you dream you are a passenger of a moving tram, it means that now you are working on something very important. If the trip is successfully completed, and you are out of the tram, it means that soon your work will be rewarded.

If the dream ended by you were still riding in a tram – it means that you shouldn’t expect any positive results from your work. If you dream of a tram that got derailed, it is a bad sign. This means that all your work will collapse totally. In the next few days, try not to start new business, and treat previous failures condescendingly.

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