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Trampoline - Meaning of Dream

Trampoline in modern dream book means that you do not have a specific and clear perspective in life. Apparently, you just passively go with the stream and don’t even try to correct the situation. Buck up and start thinking about the future, otherwise this uncertainty will lead to prolonged depression, which will be difficult to cope with.

Jumping on a trampoline is a good dream, promising rapid career growth. If jumping lasted for a long time, it means that management will appreciate your high efficiency and diligence. Keep up the good work, improve your business skills and you will have a lot of lucrative offers.

If you see such a dream at night on Sunday or Friday, it means that you will achieve remarkable success in your personal life. It is possible that you will finally meet a person with whom you want to stay together for the rest of your life.

If during jumping on a trampoline you feel dizziness, this dream as a tip: be more attentive to your health.

If you dream of athletes jumping on a trampoline, it means that an atmosphere in your family will be calm and friendly. To see sportsmen jumping synchronously on a trampoline, means to have understanding in a family, because you are ready for compromise.

Trampoline in a dream book by Miller means that you have to stop wasting your vitality for nonsense, better do something that can bring benefit to other people.

If you just look at a trampoline, be ready for changes in your personal life. Most likely, you will meet a person, who will fill your existence with new meaning and love.

Women, who dream about trampoline, will meet gallant fans; men - will meet their future wives.

If you dream of many people jumping on a trampoline, it means that you will receive an invitation to a birthday or a wedding celebration.

A dream, in which you see children jumping on trampoline, is a sign of pleasant entertainment in the nearest future.

To see a trampoline means to worry without reason in real life. Also this dream can mean an upcoming talk with useless person.

If while jumping, you feel great satisfaction, in real life your work will be valued at a high standard.

If you take part in the competition of jumping on trampoline, it means that your financial state will incredibly go bad because of hasty waste of money.