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Translate - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you are a translator and translate texts to another language, it means that your indecisiveness is a hindrance for you. You lose a lot of time while making your decisions. In order to be more effective and correct at work, you have to be more confident. The same advice should be considered in love affairs as well. Do not lose the chance to show your good qualities, which you have in plenty.

If you see someone else translating, it means that this person will drag you back, and because of him/her your affairs and business will stagnate. It is better to stop communicating with such people, because their slow mental activity will not let you develop.

If you know a lot of languages but in a dream you are not able to translate anything, it means that you can’t cope with your thoughts and you don’t listen to yourself in real life. The advice is to trust own intuition, and things will proceed much better.

If you forget the translation of one specific word, it means that you are busy with a wrong occupation in real life.

In some cases, a person may dream of writing down the translation. Such dream has many interesting ways of interpretation, because in today's world, there is huge number of dream books that explain this phenomenon in different ways.

Some dream books interpret the written translation as something which implies a presence of privacy rights and person’s deep experiences. If during the dream the atmosphere is pleasant, this dream foretells a subsequent severe test, where nobody will be able to help a dreamer.

If you translate in a dream and you have a perfect mood, this phenomenon indicates that in the future you will be able to find a certain satisfaction in own soul. Although, it is quite possible that close people will not share thoughts and feelings with you.

In general, writing something in a good mood means that everything will be good. But, if in a dream you translate a written letter, it means that you will suffer separation from a loved one. It is possible that soon you will be overwhelmed by a variety of sad thoughts and all sorts of past memories.

If you translate something for business purposes, then most likely this dream will be a sign that in real life you have committed some mistakes or just did not pay attention to some sufficiently important things. As a result, it can cause you all kinds of loss.

If you dream of a complete stranger, who was better in translating than you, it means that you can’t understand the thoughts and feelings of others. It is likely that the people around you at the moment hide some quite important information, or you just had a mistaken opinion about such people.