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Treasure - Meaning of Dream

Treasure hunt symbolizes the empty aspirations and unnecessary trouble. If you found treasures, you are likely to face pleasant events in life. If you dug up the treasure chest and saw that there is nothing valuable inside, it bodes nothing interesting in the next few days. If you found the treasure of jewels, the dream tells that your business will bring you more troubles and problems than profit.

If you were searching for treasure, dug a pit and found someone's grave there, the dream states that your plans will fall short of expectations. If you hide the treasure in your dream, soon someone will tell you the secret which you have known for a long time.

In Miller’s interpretation, you can safely expect for the implementation of your wishes, if you found treasures. If you were engaged in search for the treasure, but you didn’t manage to find it, the dream tells that in reality you have to spend a lot of time and money to implement own plans. These costs will be much higher than you previously thought.

Vanga stated that if you were lucky to find treasure, in reality a dream foretells nothing but trouble. Soon you will have additional problems related to money. Moreover, the planned transaction will be quite awkward, and you will be disappointed to learn that it brings no profit.

If you try hard to dig the treasure chest out, but you discovered pottery shards instead of gold inside, the dream states that your hopes are illusory, and plans are not feasible. In upcoming future, you will expect nothing but disappointment.

If you bury the treasures in the ground, in real life, you have good abilities and real talent, but for some reason you do not use them. If you change your behavior, your plans will be carried out much easier.

You see how people quickly dig the ground with the bare hands in the hope to get to the treasure; they seek to overtake each other and are afraid that the treasure may belong to someone else; it seems that the treasure is almost found, and the fierce fight starts – this plot of your dreams is a harbinger that the day will come and people will behave like animals in the pursuit of money.

If you found a treasure, but then hid it again with the attempt not to share it with anyone, this dream reminds you that it is very hard for honest people to get rich. There is no easy way to get rich, and it can happen only if you sell your soul to the devil. However, this can only bring you a lot of grief, because the well-being can be achieved only through honest work, which is useful for people.

In Freud's interpretation, if you hunt for treasures, it reflects your efforts and time which you spend in order to ingratiate a person you love.