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Trolleybus - Meaning of Dream

For a long time for many people, trolleybus was a very usual type of transport. Depending on how a dreamer is related to this transport and uses it in daily life, experts and dream interpreters share their suggestions. Different story lines in dreams can predict, what is going to happen or reflect dreamer’s emotional state.

To begin with, let’s interpret the dream, in which you are late for the trolleybus. Dream books explain such a dream as a warning about careless and hasty actions.

If you see your loved one leaving on the trolleybus in the wrong direction, it means that you should pay more attention to friends and loved ones, in order not to regret about consequences of your communication.

If you happened to be in a trolleybus, crowded with people, and besides you forget your belonging there, then this dream indicates impending troubles that may be caused by new acquaintances.

If you interpret your dream in accordance with the psychoanalytic dream interpretation book by Freud, you will find out that the moving trolleybus can be interpreted as a plea for help and support from the former partner.

Ancient dream book warns that moving trolleybus is a call to action, and demands to stop postponing any of the affairs and to put it off indefinitely. If you are in need of assistance you can ask it from others.

Being late for the trolleybus, which moves off in a dream guarantees unexpected meeting with a person, with whom you will have mutual sympathy.

Psychological dream book interprets the dream, in which you go on a trolleybus, in different variations. If you look at a trolleybus from the back, in the meaning while it’s leaving the station, it means that in real life you can say goodbye to something meaningful and desirable. If you are late, but still jump into a trolleybus, it means that you should be ready to deal with problems, which will be easily solved.

For a young girl, dreaming of a trolleybus, which leaves in a wrong direction, means that she has to think about refusal of making hasty decisions.

If you dream that you go on a trolleybus and you get acquainted with a person whom you like very much, this dream can be interpreted as a longing for past or failed love.

In the dream book of healer Akulina, to be late for a trolleybus warns of the possibility of reckless behavior. A trip on this type of transport predicts brief but happy moving to another place.

Dreams, more often, tell the person what he/she does not allow to do or afford himself/herself in real life. If a person is wise enough and he/she controls his/her fate then it is better to take the bull by the horns and control the dream. Or do not give the dream to much of importance.

If you don’t regret that a trolleybus has left without you, and dream of another one approaching the station, means that you can independently direct your destiny in the right direction, and to manage your life in spite of the dreams, or other events.

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