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Trouble - Meaning of Dream

If a trouble happens to you in a dream, it represents improvements in all spheres of life. The meaning of a dream is exactly opposite to the plot. Your affairs will be harmonious and stable, and all major projects will bring good luck. If a trouble in a dream did not happen, but you feel that it is somewhere near, it means that you will experience changes for the better.

Miller interpreted trouble in a dream as a symbol of your luck in real life. You will win any argument, no matter how hopeless it might be. All lawsuits and litigation will end in your favor.

Inevitable misfortune is seen in a dream as a sign of healing of all your diseases. If you encounter natural disasters in your dream, it means that you will have new friends who will be loyal and reliable.

If you try to carry own trouble on somebody's shoulders in a dream, it is a sign of conflicts with business partners and family quarrels. Fearlessly solve your troubles because that is the only way you can achieve your goals.

Trouble in Vanga’s dream book has almost the same meaning - peace in a family life. Children will delight you with their success, the parents with health, and the partner – with the desire to preserve the comfort and coziness. You will be honored and respected by colleagues.

Freud stated in his dream book that if a young girl dreams of a trouble, she will be successful in marriage and will have a luxurious life. For family people subconsciousness signals that it is time to move to a new level of relations - more open and trusting. If you try to prevent trouble in a dream, it is a sign that your body is full of energy and is ready for victories, as well as conquering the hearts of the opposite sex.

If a trouble occurred and you dream that you are crying, it means that in real life your feelings will come alive and break out with new colors, you will experience new emotions. For a young man, to dream as if he avoided a trouble means that his partner will betray him.

Trouble happened to your folk – soon after years of separation, an old friend will come to visit you.

If in a dream you hear about some troubles, it is a good sign, everything you start will have good results at the end.

If you feel guilty because of a trouble – in real life you will have problems in family.