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Trout - Meaning of Dream


Trout is a symbol of upcoming sudden surprise. Most likely, in a short time the dreamer will face some events that will catch him/her unawares. Moreover, these events can be both pleasant and unpleasant. It all depends on what kind of trout is seen in a dream.

If a person dreams of a dead trout, this dream is a bad signal. It is worth paying attention to those people who become very close to the dreamer recently, but the dreamer already considers them to be friends. These people may be insincere towards and easily betray at a difficult time.

Also this dream may symbolize vain pursuit and unreasonable worries. Even if a person is trying to get something by putting too many efforts, and it still does not work out, then it is advisable to abandon the matter. Nothing good is going to happen, so it is better to pay attention to other problems.

If you dream of a trout, which speaks with you, this dream is a warning. You should not be too honest with your colleagues and tell them any information, which you have gained with own efforts. Otherwise, someone of your partners will surely use this information to tell that this work is his/her, and will receive appraisal from the boss.

If you cook trout in any way: fry, boil, or salt – it means that you should be ready for lucky times. Perhaps, your luck will be small, but it will bring a lot of fun. For those, who at the moment are in love, this dream symbolizes a very positive development of relationships.

If you catch a trout with a fishing rod, it is a sign of wealth and well-being.

Each person treats own dreams independently. Someone believes in them and assigns them great importance; some do not take into account any element of the dream, explaining that it's just a manifestation of imagination and personal thoughts.

So, if you treat a fish, as a spiritual being, then this dream portends only nice and good events. Such dreams will be more pleasant for women than men, as in a whole they bring joy, burst of energy, love, the development of new feelings and a romantic relationship, and in some cases - the creation of family and marriage.

If a young woman in a dream is standing in a shallow clean and clear water (river or lake), and it manages to catch a fish, it means that soon she will find out the good news about her pregnancy.

For a young girl, this dream will bring unexpected acquaintance with a young and nice person with whom she will experience love, vibrant feelings, romantic relationship, and finally it will slowly and gradually transform into a new mainstream - marriage.

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