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Trunk - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you see a car trunk – you need to think twice before making up any decisions. Maybe you burden your relatives or friends with many problems, and soon they will leave you, because they don’t need extra troubles. Anyways, you will know their real nature.

If in a dream you look inside a trunk and see complete order, it means that in real life you are tired of mess and vanity. But if you look for something in a trunk and you can’t find it because of mess, it means that you will lose hope for fulfillment of your daring plans.

To put something in a trunk means to be ready that your partner will complain about lack of attention, and will demand more attention from you. Try to do all possible to make him/her happy if you treasure your relations.

To see an open trunk is a sign of unexpected news or risky adventures. You need to think carefully whether you are able to perform some risky business successfully and get profit or better stay aside in order not to be caught.

To slam the cover of a trunk means to do a desired purchase, with the means of saved and economized money.

If in a dream you are a witness of somebody being pushed inside a trunk – soon you will receive secret and useful information. It is possible that you will have to keep a secret.