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Tub - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of unusual wooden tub means unpleasant troubles which you can’t avoid. After this dream you need to concentrate more on your everyday life and things which will help you to make it easier. If you ask for somebody’s help, it won’t be considered as your weakness, everyone needs support and you are not an exception.

If a tub is empty in your dream, your efforts will be ineffective and your work will not be praised. Perhaps, you did something wrong in the past and everything went out of order. Now you need to put twice more efforts in order to make it effective again.

Full tub is a symbol of upcoming efforts in business. The level of occupancy indicates the results of your efforts. So the more you work the bigger is the profit of your work. You shouldn’t stop on what you have earned and you will make a good background for future success.

If a tub is filled with clean and not turbid water, be ready for a pleasant award. This is not only a business issue, you might receive an appraisal in family from people you love. They will finally realize the importance of your support and will pay you back.

If the water is dirty or you see something floating inside a tub, this dream means that you will achieve nothing except fatigue and discontent from your troubles.