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Turkey - Meaning of Dream

Turkey is a symbol of arrogance. External bombast of this bird was the reason that turkeys are associated with snobbery, pride, and something ostentatious. But like any other bird, the turkey can be allegorical, and portends some news.

In the interpretation of a dream, this poultry is most often associated with the state of financial affairs. Its appearance in a dream will determine the near future. Therefore if you see a turkey, it is a good sign, symbolizing success in business; especially if the person who saw the dream is related to the business. All the upcoming transactions or projects will be successful. Those, who are engaged in agriculture, will have a good harvest.

If you tease a turkey, make this bird angry, annoy and irritate it, the dream bodes that you will face a strong dislike on the part of some people. Moreover, it will be very difficult to overcome or change such attitude to yourself.

If you eat a cooked turkey, served on a nice dinner table, in reality you will have joy and good news. Moreover, if you like the dish and it tastes delicious - your happiness will be great.

If you sell a turkey, this dream portends success. The affairs will improve and you will easily achieve the cherished goals. Of course, this is related mostly to the financial management and commercial transactions.

Sick turkey that looks unhealthy and stunted, symbolizes a threat. Perhaps, in real life your ego will suffer a big blow, and as the result your pride will be wounded.

If you killed a turkey, you will have to make a serious choice. The fate will check you for honesty and integrity.