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Turnip - Meaning of Dream


If you dream of turnip, the first thing you need to remember, whether it was ripe and strong, or perhaps vice versa, flabby and loose. Also it is important to remember, what you were doing in the dream. This will help you to determine the exact meaning of your dream.

A dream, in which you see the entire garden bed of turnips, means that in the future you will be lucky, close acquaintances and true friends will support you.

If a dreamer sees how he/she eats turnips, it means that there are some grounds to worry about someone from the family.

If you plant turnip in the the ground, it means that all the plans and goals will be achieved, and you will succeed.

Sometimes turnip in a dream means a slight disappointment, which will disappear virtually unnoticed.

In the interpretation of a dream, it is important to pay attention to the state of turnips. If it is strong, crisp and ripe, it means that you will have some adventures in the next few days. These events will bring you a lot of impressions and will stay in your memories for a long time. Sometimes, it can mean building relationships with friends, or finding the resolution to all problems.

If you dream of rotten or loose turnip, it means that you will not be able to avoid disappointment. If you plan to take part in holidays or parties, it is likely that they will be delayed. A large number of turnips, both fresh and rotten, warn about the intrigues of enemies.

If a person chooses a few pieces turnips out of the pile and eats them, it means that he/she will not be able to avoid or prevent attacks of enemies. However, if you refuse to eat turnips - intrigues will pass and will not cause any harm.

The dream, in which turnip is not ripe, means that all the chances to achieve your goals are lost, and there won’t be any result of your work.

If you cut turnips in a dream, it means that there won’t be any changes for the better in the near future. Bitter turnip - it is a hard and prolonged work, which you will have to do in the near future. But the result of such work will be a great success. However, in this case it is important to proceed to completion and not to give up at any problem.

If young unmarried woman or girl dreams, as if she sows a field or garden with turnips, it means that she will get married to a very wealthy man soon. It is also possible that one of the wealthy relatives will leave her all the inheritance. If she sees a growing turnip, it is an omen of success. A dream, in which she eats turnips, indicates possible problems with health.

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