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Turquoise - Meaning of Dream

For a man, to see turquoise jewelry, is a sign that his business will improve, for a woman, it is a harbinger of a passionate lover and for unmarried girl, it means fulfillment of love desires.

If a woman had a dream that she wears jewelry with turquoise, she should be ready for a pleasant surprise that will change her life.

Some downers say that wearing turquoise jewelry, is a sign of imminent quarrel with a loved one on the grounds of own excessive sensitivity. It is unnecessary to find fault with any word, otherwise you might quarrel with him for no reason.

Turquoise seen by elderly, or sick people in the dream, is a sign of relieving the suffering of death.

For a young girl, the dream where she sees something made out of turquoise, promises successful completion of important work that will bring a lot of pleasure to her close people. But if someone had stolen her turquoise item, it means that she will have problems in love affairs.

If you dream of a damaged, dirty or old turquoise, you will have disappointment and troubles in upcoming future.

If a man had a dream that his beloved one admires ornaments and accessories made of turquoise or tries them on, it means that they will have passionate love and harmony in relationships.

Turquoise is a very good sign for those who were born in December. It promises good luck and wealth.

If turquoise changes its color in the dream, it means the weather change, or dream warns that someone put an evil eye on the dreamer.

If you remove/take off jewelry with turquoise, it means you will suffer because of own excessive sensitivity. Obstacles in love, is a consequence of a cracked or tarnished turquoise.

If you see a strange woman, who puts on and wears jewelry with turquoise, it means that you should expect obstacles in love.

When you see turquoise, which adorn clothing, it means that in reality you will experience a pleasant surprise. After the dream where you see the dog indicating a place on the ground where turquoise is hidden, you can expect the protection of authorities or admiration of your management.

If you receive turquoise as a gift, it means that your wishes will come true. You need to recall whether the atmosphere of the dream was solemn. The more people observed this action, the faster your desires will come true.

In the case you present turquoise to someone in the dream, it means that in real life you will have to do a great favor to the person you present it. If you present your turquoise gift to a woman, it means that your favor will be forced.

It is considered to be a bad dream if you see a present of women's jewelry with turquoise it means that a stranger will bring a lot of trouble into your life.

If a woman dreams that she chooses green turquoise beads and tries it on, it means that she is weak and everybody uses her.

A person, who sees turquoise in the dream, can consider being a lucky, and the darling of fortune. His/her life will certainly change for the better and all wishes will come true.