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Two - Meaning of Dream

If you want your dreams to symbolize something good, you simply need to believe in them. At the moment there are plenty of dream books, where you can find the interpretation of your dream. The most interesting and true read here.

If a dreamer sees a dream where he/she is a teacher and decides to put “two” (in the meaning of bad mark) to his/her pupil, it means that in two weeks a dreamer will show stubbornness and intransigence, and as a result can lose the opportunity to make a valuable acquisition or take a good position.

If your efforts were evaluated with “two”, it means that you must act immediately, showing initiative and perseverance. In eleven days some people will come and tell whether you have chosen a right path or you should be corrected. You will need to listen to their advice.

To see someone drawing a big “two” with a red pen in the notebook means that in real life the dreamer will witness a crime, and two months he/she will spend for unpleasant chores in police office and for giving testimony in court.

If you see a “two” written with a red felt-tip pen or pencil, it indicates that a dreamer wants to break up the relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend, but if she/he does it now, later on she/he will regret of own rashness. The dreamer does not know much, so there is no need to rush to destroy everything, the best in this situation is to wait a couple of weeks.

Experts strongly recommend people to remember the numbers that they see in dreams and write it on the paper for better interpretation.

Number “two” in a dream symbolizes the sign of perfection, unity, and attraction of opposites.