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UFO - Meaning of Dream


The UFO image has an ambiguous interpretation in a book of dreams. Taking them into consideration can help you on your life path. This dream may answer your questions or get you clear of doubts, if any.

If in your dream you’re getting in touch with an alien, it refers to rumors or news, which will be false. Try to avoid the situations with your participation, which can have a double meaning. Having misunderstood one of them, your evil-wisher will hurry up to describe it to everyone to his advantage. That’s why there may appear some conflicts and rather serious quarrels.

On your part don’t believe the rumors or news ‘till you’re sure in them for 100 per cent. Don’t hasten to get bad, repulsive impression of your acquaintance, friend or colleague. Firstly, try to make a whole situation out without groundless judging!

For women, seeing an alien in their dream may also indicate that soon they’ll meet a womanizer. At first he’ll fascinate a woman giving her everything she’s craved for so long: romantic evenings, sweet words of love… But this is it. Then he’ll leave her. So don’t be light-headed! Keep your eyes open. Don’t plunge into the abyss of passion at once. Firstly, come to know a person and his real motives better.

Also seeing an alien in a dream means that soon you should expect moving to a new place of residence of a business trip. Something that implies distance.

Being an alien suggests that you feel as a stranger in your surroundings. There are not many people who really understand you. It may happen because of your unique personality and rather radical intentions. You don’t want to be the same as millions of other people. It may repel people and even frighten them. What to do in such a situation is your personal decision – whether to yield your principles and life understanding or be always ready to prove your position and be beyond sharp criticism.

Furthermore, being an alien designates that you don’t use a beneficial opportunity that is almost in your hands. That’s why you’ll lose a dear thing. You’ll regret about this negligence in the future. Isn’t it better to be more careful and attentive now? Especially when you already know that such a misfortune may happen soon.

If in your dream you’re seeing a landing UFO, expect the guests visit (they may have a good present you’ll be delighted with).

If you’re seeing an UFO in the cloudless skies, soon you’ll unexpectedly meet a pleasant person, who will make your heart quiver.

Also it may denote that you possess a creative mind and you’re totally ready to discover unknown for you spheres of life and human activity. Almost everything easily carries you away.

If a spouseless woman is setting off for an intergalactic journey in her dream, it bodes her a successful marriage and infinitely devoted partner in life.