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Umbrella - Meaning of Dream

An umbrella is a salvation from the bad weather and the scorching sun, but these elements are known as the essential elements of life, and umbrella tries to limit your contact with them, like a protective barrier.

Thus, an umbrella in a dream symbolizes the unsatisfied needs, inability to recognize own desires, mental and physical isolation. Often it is a symbol of unrequited love, as the result of subconscious fear to have real personal relationships. To this end, the dream indicates feelings and emotions, exhausting the dreamer, reducing the energy potential of a person.

In general, a dream about umbrella is quite harmless, although there are many little details which should be considered. If you buy an umbrella in a dream, it portends the improvement in affairs; and if you lose it - an unexpected surprise, often unpleasant.

If you cover yourself with umbrella in the rain, you should be careful when talking to women. Some of them are jealous. If a person puts up a new umbrella and the weather is sunny and clear, this dream bodes only joy and career success.

If you beat someone with umbrella, you will draw misfortune, in particular, by your own stupidity or carelessness.

Married people, who saw a parasol in a dream, tend to seek for pleasures elsewhere. And if a single woman dreamed of ladies umbrella, soon she will be flirting with many men, one of which may cause her a lot of troubles - positive or negative.

If you hold unopened umbrella in rainy weather, it is a sign of impending anxiety and frustration, possible quarrel with loved ones. And if you dream of a stranger standing under umbrella, it signifies that you are ready to help. But if you dream that your umbrella is torn or broken - get ready for insults, quarrels and even betrayal.

If an umbrella opens itself, you may expect a lot of pleasant gifts or advice from your friends.

If you happen to borrow an umbrella from someone, then get ready for a difficult search for mutual understanding with others. A dream, in which you give away an umbrella, portends pitiless slander.

Losing the umbrella bodes troubles with a sweetheart. If you dreamed as if an umbrella started leaking suddenly, it tells that you will spend money for domesticity and furnishings.

There is another interpretation for folded umbrella in rainy weather – it tells that a dreamer is very vulnerable and needs protection. A dreamer needs attention, care and solution for his/her problems. But all the problems can be solved with the help of live chat and new friends, and most importantly – if it is approached optimistically. Smile is the best medicine, and this should not be forgotten.