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Underwear / Linen - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of clean clothes, hung on the clothesline, means quarrel with relatives or friends. If you hang laundered linen by yourself, be ready to receive an inheritance or a big win. If wring out the washing and you see water drains off, you will be faced with infidelity of friends. If you dream that you fold clean clothes in a pile, it means that in reality your frugality turns into avarice.

A dream in which you see neatly folded clean clothes, predicts well-being. Buying bed linen or a changing it in a dream is a sign of disease. Dirty laundry in a dream is a sign of trouble. If you wash it, you will be answerable for your past sins.

If you make your bed with a dirty sheet, it means that you will experience a grudge against someone.

If something made ​​you get out of a bed in your underwear, it means that you will learn important and interesting information.

If a girl is wearing expensive underwear, it means that her fan will not disappoint her expectations. If a woman or a girl in the dream receives a lingerie gift, it means that she should be more attentive to her surroundings. This dream is a warning that she might be surrounded with treacherous seducers.

According to Miller’s dream book if you are engaged in washing your own clothes, it means that you are ashamed of others and want to hide certain aspects of your life. Dirty laundry is a sign of gossip, for which there is a reason. If a girl is ironing linens, then in reality very soon she will marry and will be very happy.

A dream where you are wearing new underwear, symbolizes new stage in relationships with your beloved partner. You will also receive important and pleasant news if you see such a dream. Soon you will be lucky and your material state will improve.

If you see yourself in dirty or torn underwear – beware of fights and quarrels, there is a possibility of problems in business and family, you risk being humiliated in front of everyone.

In general, underwear, according to the dream interpreter, means that you are an object of somebody’s rumors in real life.

Linen means changes in style of life. If it is torn, you might have arguments with a close person.

If you buy new underwear in a dream, there is a big chance that you will meet your ideal person.

If you wash your underwear in a dream, it is a symbol of talks about you in real life. If water is clean – somebody talks good about you, if water is dirty – you are constantly criticized.

To see a pile of dirty underwear means that your companions will possibly betray you.

To hang out clean underwear/linen means success in affairs; if you pick it up, it is a bad sign - beware of troubles in family.

If you iron linen, it means visit of guests. If you dry linen, there is a possibility that somebody of your surrounding will fall ill. Give more care to your relatives and you will be able to avoid disease.

If you change or buy linen, it is a sign of deterioration of health.

If you fold linen into wardrobe, it means that you should be more generous in your life.

To see basket for linen means that very soon you can be a victim of swindlers.