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Unemployed - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see unemployed, be ready for global changes in the business sphere. This may be a new job offer that you’ll receive, or you will try yourself in a new sphere of activity.

If unemployed looks sad, gloomy and hopeless, this dream promises you changes for the better. But if a person who lost the job in your dream is cheerful and happy, it's not a good sign. Most likely, very soon your financial situation will be impaired.

Being unemployed in own dream means that your hopes for a satisfactory outcome of a case will collapse. For business people such a dream predicts a litany of failures and loss of goodwill. Players and gamblers will face a big and serious loss.

In the dream book by Miller if a woman has to work as a housekeeper, it is a sign of routine work, which takes a lot of effort and will not bring anything but disappointment. Persistent and hard work in a dream predicts that in reality you are putting a lot of efforts in order to achieve success in life. If you observe a work of strangers, this dream most likely indicates the fact that you have found a job that you like.

If you look for a job in a dream, it is a sign of benefit. If you lose your job, be ready for difficulties. Fortunately, you are lucky and you will overcome hard times safely.

Vanga said that if your work is satisfying, it foretells success and elation. A similar meaning has a dream in which you sit back and just see how others work. A hard and joyless work - are wasted efforts. Most likely, you do unpleasant work in real life and you suffer from it.

Unemployed in Freud's dream book is a manifestation of your anxieties and worries by subconscious mind. If you dream that your work was fruitful, it means that in reality you will necessarily achieve success. See how others work is a sign of prosperity and wealth.

In the dream you’ve lost your job and now you are unemployed – in real life be ready for troubles in private life.

If your friend is unemployed in your dream, it is a sign of problems in the family, relatives will not be interested in you.

In a dream you look for a job in vain – in real life you will be promoted, or soon will change your work place for something with higher pay.