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Unicorn - Meaning of Dream

A unicorn is a mythical creature that symbolizes chastity and spiritual purity.

If you have met a unicorn while hunting in your dream, it is a sign for you to be more reasonable and conscientious. Especially, it concerns your love affairs. Your impulsiveness and irresponsibility can lead to horrible consequences, which can ruin your life. To prevent it, change you attitude to some things and life in general.

Chasing a unicorn in a dream denotes that your greediness, hot temper and thirst for easy cash will get the upper hand. In the result, you can get into serious troubles. Getting out of them will take some time; also it can be that you will suffer great financial losses and a slur on your reputation. It is difficult to say what can improve your position. Besides, you can lose your friends and relatives’ trust forever. You will have to start everything from scratch.

Seeing that a unicorn has met you halfway is a favorable sign though. It designates that soon you’ll get acquainted with a person who will become your truly friend. You’ll find a common language at once because you have a lot of common. You are a lucky devil. Finally, the fate has brought the two of you together. Take care of him/her and never let him/her go.

A dream in which you are feeding a unicorn from your hands is double. On one hand, it is a good omen. It suggests that you will gain everything you have been longing for during so many years in spite of all obstacles on your way. On the other hand, your readiness to achieve it at any costs is terrifying. It means that to bring your plans to life you will stop at nothing. It doesn’t disturb you that you can damage somebody else’s interests to fulfill yours.

If you have killed a unicorn in your dream, it foreshadows an emotional shock in the future. Try to avoid it if there are possible ways or at least not to take it to heart because it can seriously affect the state of your health.