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Up - Meaning of Dream

Going up the stairs, up in elevator or climbing up the mountain in a dream forebode the achievement own goal. In general, going up on any kind of elevation means to overcome obstacles and become successful.

To climb up the scaffold in order to perform certain work means to receive a pleasant surprise.

Dreaming as if you ascended up into heaven portends that you will have unsuccessful attempts to seize the great opportunities to achieve success in work.

To climb up in the cab on a ropeway means to improve own financial situation, and not to be dependant of anyone.

To drive a car up the road signifies that you will have a bright future without any important obstacles.

If you climb up the pole, rope or rope ladder - you will easily cope with furious enemies, and their attempts to hurt you will be fruitless.

If you feel dizzy, while climbing up the stairs, it warns that you will perceive new honors for granted, and when raising to a higher position you will be too proud.

If you go up on the elevator, it means that there is a chance of becoming wealthy.

To climb up to the roof indicates that you might get scared for nothing.

If you climb up a tree, it demonstrates your wish to help your beloved one.

If you see a level of mercury thermometer rising up, it means that you will overcome all the troubles associated with your business.