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Vagrant - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of being a vagrant, in reality you will find face a run of bad luck. This dream indicates that soon you will be faced with many financial problems and unforeseen circumstances that significantly destabilize your financial well-being. You may have to accept an offer which is deliberately lean or take over a very troublesome and unpleasant obligation.

If you see yourself in the society of tramps, it is evidence that in real life you are forced to communicate with strange and unpleasant people. You might be drawn into a bad company, and for this reason, friends and family turn their backs on you.

Being attacked by a vagrant, prepare for unexpected problems that will be a major test for you and will bring a lot of emotions and anxiety.

A dream, in which you give generous alms to a vagrant, means that in reality the good deeds which you do will be appreciated with its true value - you will find new friends and earn the respect of the public.

Vagrant in the dream is a symbol of failure or disaster. If you give money to vagrant, in real life you will receive gratitude for provided service.

If you fight with a vagrant, you will have to try very hard in order not to lose everything and become poor.

A dream in which you become a vagrant is a prognostic of your empty pockets.