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Valley - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of completely flat valley without any hills, it predicts profitable offers and good perspectives in life. Finally, your time has come, you've been waiting for it and the fate gives you a unique, one of a kind, chance that you shouldn’t miss.

A dreaming about a valley with high hills is a warning to exercise caution and vigilance: you have enemies who will not miss the opportunity to ruin your life. Valley, surrounded by high mountains, predicts very good news: luck will accompany you in many undertakings. You do not need to do anything, just pull your hands, smile and firmly grab everything what your fate gives you.

A dreaming as if you have a walk in the valley is a bad omen, heralding the loneliness and sadness. If a valley in your dream was extremely beautiful, in reality you will experience a lot of unpleasant minutes. A dreaming about a stream of clear water flowing in the valley portends a date with a pleasant, but talkative and selfish woman.

Valley in Miller’s dream book is a symbol of uncertainty, emotional outbursts, and freedom. If you dreamed of a green and beautiful valley, it portends that your career will rapidly develop and business will be managed favorably.

Walking through the valley with a loved one portends great joy and happiness. In the relationship with your partner you will finally notice love and understanding. You will be able to analyze own emotions and feelings, and lay down the order of priority.

If you saw a barren, lonely, frightening and bleak valley it is not a good sign, predicting a change for the worse. You will move on track, which, unfortunately, will lead you into the abyss.

If you noticed marshland on the valley, you should beware of some serious disease.

If you managed to pass through a gloomy valley and reached the heavenly place, in reality everything can gradually improve, you'll just have to wait a bit.