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Vampire - Meaning of Dream

Mystical dreams are not always clear. Many people believe that witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves are necessarily seen as a sign of something bad. But this is not so. Let’s see, for example, a dream interpretation for the word vampire.

Who is a vampire? This is a dead man who revived. Itself unpleasant, isn’t it? But to everyone's surprise, a dream about a vampire does not portend anything bad. In addition, if you watched a horror movie before bedtime, it's not even worth wondering what vampire means in this dream. Just try not to watch such movies at night.

If you dream that a vampire is chasing you, but it is not able to catch you, it means that you are afraid of someone, but your fear is groundless, this person will not hurt you.

If you just see a vampire in a dream, it is likely that there is a person in your life, who can be the reason of many troubles. But if you make a good impression with your business skills, you will achieve great success in the professional field.

In the dream you see vampires who drink your blood this dream warns that you will face with the antics of competitors. But do not try to do anything against detractors; it will not bring you anything good. Just wait out the period of trouble, as it will pass quickly.

If you dream that a vampire is you, it means that you may have to hurt someone. But you will certainly be forgiven, as people understand that you don’t really want to harm them.

Another meaning of vampires in the dream, says that someone of your relatives who is sick will recover.

According to S. Freud dream book, to be a vampire in the dream, symbolizes your dissatisfaction with intimate/sexual life.

If in a dream you are attacked by a vampire, it means that in real life you might meet someone and your communication will turn to be a new romantic affair, which may grow into something more serious. In addition, the vampire can be seen in the dream as a sign of some major purchase.

Well, if in a dream you manage to kill a vampire, it means that all your troubles are just left behind.

The most interesting question related to blood is what if you drink it in the dream. If you see yourself drinking own blood, it means that you may become the victim of an accident. If you drink someone else’s blood, this dream is an advice to reconcile or get rid of enemies, otherwise they will harm you.

If a person in a dream does not allow anyone to drink own blood, it means that he/she wants to commit an evil act. Nobody can stop him/her, and the crime will not remain a secret.

This dream can also mean that you can become the owner of a questionable property. No matter what property it is, you should get rid of it as early as possible. Detractors deliberately curse the most expensive and important items in order the person keep it closer.

To drink the blood in a dream, it is a prophetic dream, which means that you need to get rid of things that acquired by dishonest means; and from people who may be enemies; and from all the bad things that can destroy a person.

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