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Vase - Meaning of Dream

Vase is a harbinger of comfort according to the modern dream book. If a vase played a central role in your dream, then you will spend the next few days in the warmth of the hearth, fully enjoying the comfortable environment.

Drinking from a vase foretells love suffering that will be caused by the need to hide own feelings. For a young girl, to receive a vase as a present is a very auspicious sign. This dream predicts execution of the most cherished desires.

Vase in the dream book by Miller is interpreted as peaceful family life, days filled with love and tenderness. Broken vase is a sign of approaching disaster. Drinking from a vase not designed for this purpose foretells a sense of true love, which will have to be kept in secret even from closest friends.

Clean and clear vase in the dream book by Vanga demonstrates that you are harmonious with your inner world and the environment. Due to this, you will live through a lot of beautiful moments in life. Unfavorable omen is if you crush a vase in a dream. After this dream, you should muster your strength to go through complicated times. Your heart may be broken, as a consequence of some tragedy, but the past is impossible to change.

If you dreamed of a vase with flowers, it means that someone needs your good word. It is a call to treat those people who need your help with special attention, because sometimes you can help only with a simple talk.

Modeling clay vase in a dream book by Freud symbolizes a desire to find a new sexual partner. Pouring water in the vase, predicts sexual desire to be satisfied. If such a dream is seen by a woman, it reflects her desires to get pregnant. Empty vase in dream demonstrates sexual dissatisfaction. Also, this dreaming may be a warning sign of infertility.

If you try to reach a beautiful vase on a shelf, but you can’t get it, this dream demonstrates your desire to connect own life with the ideal person in all respects, but you comprehend that it is impossible.

If a woman dreams as if she puts beautiful flowers into a vase, it tells that she is really in love and her partner completely satisfies her need.

If you see a flowerpot in a dream, it means that you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you break a flowerpot, it is a sign of fear that awaits you.

To see a flowerpot with plants means to have a long life.

In the dream a flowerpot with flowers is withered, it means that you will be worried a lot about something.