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Vegetable patch - Meaning of Dream

If a dreamer digs vegetable patches, it foreshadows impending death of someone from the family; to walk on them portends a disease that is difficult to treat, whatever medication is used.

If you are digging vegetable patches in formal attire, in reality you will receive good news.

If a young girl weeds vegetable patches in a dream, it foretells that soon she will be proposed to get married by a rich fan, and will have a chance to get into high society. If she wants it to come true, it is not necessary to tell anyone what the dream was about.

Garden bed full of vegetables, bodes that a dreamer will get rich without much of effort.

If you see a lot of vegetable patches, it signifies that you will work hard but without any result or small benefit. If you sit on the vegetable bed and eat out of it - be sure to memorize these vegetables and include it into your diet, because your body feels great necessity in it.

If a vegetable patch was dug up by various rodents, it portends that you will be in great need of something; but if it was trampled - someone will lower the boom on you, and you will not know what to do.

If a woman collects cucumbers from the garden into the hem, this dream promises her new boyfriend, but he will not bring any pleasure, because he will be blatantly harassing her in front of all other people, and it will be very difficult to get rid of him. In this case it is better to avoid new friends in this month and there will be no problems.

If a neighbor tramples your vegetable patches, it indicates that he hates you secretly and even makes a minor mischief, so you can respond him in the same manner.

If you see seedling in a garden, it portends a successful undertaking or new projects.

If you see only flowers in it, be ready to engage with the unloved person.

If you see a dud in a garden, this dream foretells a meeting with the hated person that will annoy with his chicanery and unambiguous hints.

To see a corpse on a flower bed portends a celebration with a fight, but a dreamer will not participate in it, nevertheless he/she will need to give evidence in police.