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Vegetarianism - Meaning of Dream

Vegetarian seen in your dream is a symbolic reflection of your spiritual solitude. If you see a vegetarian in a dream, it indicates that you want to be in the company of your friends; and soon you will arrange a meeting and big celebration with them.

To be a vegetarian in a dream signifies about upcoming romantic date with pleasant development.

If you dream that you are plunged into vegetarianism, although in real life, you never even thought of it, this dream says that in real life you tend to build grandiose plans for the future, while you must be content with the small what life gives today. You behave rudely in relation to someone close to you; your behavior can be dangerous, you may undermine the trust of people around you. Be more attentive, even with those whom you do not experience warm feelings to. It may happen that in real life you will feel guilt and it will influence you.

If in a dream you inclined someone to vegetarianism, the dream warns that all your attempts to change your beloved one for the better will be unfruitful.

In a dream you are in society of vegetarians without knowing them, this dream foretells that soon you may leave home, because you decide to live independently. The way you do this will be determined by the state of relationships in a dream. If new friends accept you and treat you nice and friendly, the same will be the communication with your family. You will not lose connection with them and you will be close as before. But if you see that the company of "herbivores" is quite hostile with you, it means that for a long time you will live alone and relatives will not understand you. To conclude, a vegetarian in a dream is a symbol of your loneliness.