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Velvet - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of a beautiful velvet or stuff made of it portends successful reality. Clothes made of velvet promises honors, perhaps fame and glory.

If you sell velvet to a stranger, you will have substantial profits and idle life. This dream also warns prepares you for an important conversation, a positive result of which is desirable for you.

In a dream you are dressed in luxurious velvet dress, in reality you will have a secure and eventful life full of different pleasures. For a woman, to see herself in velvet dress means that she will be noticed by many men. It is time to choose.

If you consider acquiring velvet in a dream, it is a sign of successful outcome of the actions taken. Black cloth promises only material benefit, red will complement the financial success with changes in personal life.

If you dream of worn out velvet, it indicates your excessive pride, arrogance, preventing you to reach the desired position: respect and well-being.

Velvet in a dream book by Miller means success and favorable events. A dream, in which you wear a dress made ​​of velvet, portends fame.

Velvet in a dream is a sign of successful solution of financial affairs, you will be lucky in every deal you start, everything will bring income.

In a dream you sew velvet clothes, in reality you will cruise or travel a lot.

If you see yourself in ragged velvet clothes, it means that you need to change your character, because it negatively influences your business. If you see old velvet – your wellbeing might suffer because of your pride. Colorful velvet means honor, black – mourning, grey – trip, red – happiness.