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Veranda - Meaning of Dream

Veranda can be both as a favorable and an evil omen. When interpreting a dream, first of all you should pay attention to the state of the veranda. It also matters who exactly dreamed of it - a man, a woman or a young girl. So, if a girl dreamed of a beautiful veranda on which she sat with her loved one, it foretells that she will become a wife of a decent man. This marriage will bring her not only prosperity, but also family happiness. If you are on a front porch, then you do not need to worry because of your plans - all the undertakings which you have set for the future will have an excellent development.

Crumbling porch in an old house portends that a dreamer will experience a lot of frustration. The work and personal affairs will greatly upset him/her. After such a dream you should forget about old hopes - they were not destined to come true.

In you take an active part in the feast, which takes place on a veranda in the presence of close friends or relatives, it foretells you an important matter that will be successful, and which will exceed all your expectations. If you see an old abandoned homestead on the territory of which there is a very old house with a veranda partially destroyed, it signifies that you make too high demands for your partners, friends or relatives. It is difficult for them to comply with such requirements. Therefore, it will be incredibly difficult to realize own plans. After this dream you should not be surprised that your hopes don’t come true.

Veranda in a dream - symbolizes an open view to the world, the availability of information. To stand on the front porch – means to have a variety of options.

To observe a porch from the street means vain attempt to reveal a secret.

If in a dream you see yourself on veranda, it means that despite all the excitement, your initiatives/undertakings will be very successful.