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Victim - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you became a victim of tricks or malice, leads to bad feelings and despondency, which you won’t be able to overcome. This dream is warning for those who blindly trust others, believing that he/she is invulnerable. If you observe or participate in a dream in a religious sacrifice, it foreshadows that you are destined to prosperity.

A dream, in which you see your victim, points out that in real life you will acquire wealth by unworthy and dishonest means. Other people's tears, grief and despair will lie at the bottom of your well-being.

Self-improvement and self-assertion is a result of a dream where you took part in the sacrifice.

If a dreamer sees his friend as a victim of dismembering, it portends that this person will soon disappear from dreamer’s life. If you dream of unknown person in dismembered condition, be ready for bad news, depression, and unfavorable development of affairs.

If you plan to dismember someone, but you don’t see the face of a victim, it is a harbinger of upcoming betrayal. Psychoanalytic dream book advises to get rid of rigid pattern of behavior, abandon indolence and review the outlook on life.

If in a dream you see yourself as a victim of a rapist, and this dream is repeated very often, it portends that in reality you risk suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which will let everything go wrong.

If you are a victim, it also signals of hidden anger in relation to close people, colleagues and management. In order to understand a dream, you should comprehend the reason for own anger.

If you are a witness of violence, and you can’t help the victim, it signals of your helplessness and inability to influence the course of events.

If a person eats some parts of his/her victim’s body, this dream indicates such feature of dreamer’s character as envy and greed, and the ability to prevent other people work by throwing a monkey wrench into the works.