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Video - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you watched video and still had time to observe everything around, this dream advises you to review own behavior.

If you can’t choose the channel to watch, you have to think what you do now and what occupation will match you in the future.

If you play videogames, it means that you will do all possible in order to get victory over your enemies in real life.

Buying a video camera in a dream bodes that at work you will have troubles. Perhaps you even lose your place of work if you don’t react to the intrigues around carefully.

If somebody shoots video of you, in real life you can get promoted, but it requires enormous effort and desire.

If you shoot with a video camera - somebody might make you a good offer, which will improve your financial affairs.

Dreaming about a camcorder, which you currently do not use, foretells a meeting with an old friend.

To use a professional video camera or a movie camera signals of misunderstanding with your friends and colleagues. That is why their help is useless for you, and sometimes even unwanted.

To see oneself in the video means good luck.

To videotape something means that soon you will find the solution to all problems.

If you buy a videotape, you will worthily repulse the attack of your enemies.

If you watch video with a videotape – it means your inattention for plea of help from your relative or friend.

To insert a videotape into a video player bodes that you will be invited to spend time of your life with an interesting company.

If you are watching video on TV- it is a good dream; circumstances develop in a way that you will be offered a promotion; though this change might seem to be temporal, still it will be-constant.

If you take part in a video clip – soon you will encounter an interesting event.

In a dream you see a VCR – be ready for a pleasant gift; or you will become a witness of a shameful action.

If somebody presents you a VCR, it means that at work you will get a fair comment/warning that you can misunderstand. This could lead to a conflict.

In a dream your VCR is broken, it means that you will have a big disappointment. If you are a businessman, it is possible that your affairs are so bad that you have to ask for help from your partners.

If you sell pirates cassettes and have a good income from that, it means that you will encounter unfair attitude of your colleagues; because of this you will have losses.

To look for some kind of a movie in a video shop is a sign of your temporary loneliness.