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Village - Meaning of Dream

A village in the modern dream book symbolizes material abundance and good health. If you see yourself in a beautiful growing village with cozy surroundings, you will receive the amazing news that will rather please you than make you sad. A dreaming as if you wander around the village and search for water foretells that soon you'll have to ask your relatives for financial help. If you dream of autumn village with a rich harvest from the fields and gardens, it bodes that your secret desires will be fulfilled. From this moment, you can consider yourself as the darling of fortune.

Miller interpreted a village with rich houses, flowering gardens and herds of animals as a harbinger of promotion or a new source of income.

If you dreamed of abandoned village, Vanga interpreted it as a bad sign. This dream foretells the onset of hard times and deprivation. You can become unemployed, or you might lose your property in foreseeable future. An empty village is a herald of loneliness and despondency. If you search for unfamiliar street or house in the village and can’t find it, this dream reflects vain worries about unfair accusations against you.

Freud interpreted green (with trees) village as a harbinger of upcoming wedding. If you see a pond or other body of water near the village, you will have a new family member. If you dream that you are a resident of the village, be ready for changes in personal life, necessarily for the better.

The village is a symbol of a return to traditional values. Freud's theory of the desires has many opponents. In particular, they argued that: people often dream of unpleasant things and events that may be considered as a certain protest, discontent, internal conflict, but in no way connected with the performance of the cherished dreams. The great psychoanalyst replied that phenomena causing disgust should be recognized only ad a disguised form of desired. Dream book by Freud was designed for a more accurate understanding of the mechanism of self-censorship. Human aspirations do not disappear, and are fixed deep in the subconsciousness, and ultimately find a way out in the form of severe neurological disorders. One of the kinds of the manifestation of these aspirations are dreams. In a veiled form, because even in dreams internal censorship is not able to turn off at 100%, night images reflect the essence of the unconscious person. Psychoanalysts say that if a man had a dream about a village, he has a subconscious desire to return to traditional values in sex, which he had once refused.