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Violin - Meaning of Dream


Violin is a very beautiful musical instrument, and if you see it in a dream, it will surely mean only good for you. First of all, it indicates your well-being in family, your relationship will be harmonious and peaceful. Nothing will be able to spoil your mood or ruin your plans.

If you see yourself playing violin, it means that you will have a high position in society, and everyone will respect you. You will be honored at work, because of your devotion and hardworking nature. All your undertakings will be successful and will be set as an example for other workers.

If you hear violin melody in a dream, it means that you will not need any material help. On contrary, you will experience financial improvement, and will be happy to help, people around. Of course, those won’t be strangers, but only people you know well, or somebody who also helped you when you needed.

In the dream you go to a concert and watch a young girl playing beautifully on a violin, it means that you will receive a pleasant gift. No matter, whether it is a holiday or just a person decided to show his/her affection, you will still be glad to receive this kind of attention. After all, do not forget to thank for the present, perhaps a person, who did it, is very vulnerable, and will not forgive your neglect.

If you try to play violin but nothing works out, it means that in real life you will also get rid of an idea, which has bothered you for a long time. It doesn’t indicate your infirmity it just points out a fact that you are tired and need some energy restoration. And it is good time to have some rest. You shouldn’t always take all responsibility for everything at work and at home alone. The best thing is to share the duties, especially at work, where your boss appreciates individual work more than collective. At home, you need to find common language with your household, and explain that you wait for their respect and response for good things you do for them.

The only bad meaning of such a dream is when you see a broken violin. This dream indicates a bereavement of some close person. It might be a death in an accident, or just a separation for a long time, or forever. In this case, no matter what, you need to be strong and continue doing, what you have planned. If sometimes, you are able to change the situation, now is not the case. You will have to accept your fate and keep the desire and live and develop. You should remember these words: whatever happens happens for the best.

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