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Viper - Meaning of Dream

Viper in dreams can be both positive and negative symbol - it all depends on the details of your dream. If you are afraid of a viper, then in reality it is going to bring you friendship with dishonest person, capable of deceit. If you meet a friendly viper, you pet it and admired its color, then be ready for many small troubles by solving which you should get a deep satisfaction.

Viper that sits on your chest, in the dream book by Miller, is an urgent need to get examined in the clinic, in order to avoid severe consequences. If you see a lot of large and small vipers that surround you, it signals of minor mischief prepared by someone you don’t expect. The enemies are just waiting for the chance to attack you.

If you killed a viper in your dream, you are going to easily remove your opponent from your way. If you find a viper hiding under a deck - watch your words, and trust your secrets only to those people, whom you know for a long time.

If you touch a viper in a dream, Vanga interpreted this as a sign that you are surrounded by hypocritical people. Be careful with the business partner, he might transfer all finances into own account. In addition, the colleagues at work can reveal your shortcomings and failures to your boss, and that can end up in serious conversations and even a reprimand. If a viper snuggles, it indicates that the enemy is very close; check your surroundings, in order not to regret later.

Viper in Freud's dream book is interpreted as a betrayal of a loved one.