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Virgin - Meaning of Dream

Most people believe that dreams are simply our imagination. But if everything in life is so simple, people would not be interested in it. After all, it can’t happen this way. Everything that happens in this world has its reason. So it is better to understand dreams.

First of all, it is worth noting that virgin is a symbol of innocence. If a person dreams of a virgin, he/she enters into some entirely new phase of life: clean and unexplored, where is no danger.

If a man had a dream about a virgin, with whom he has sex, it means that in real life he will get acquainted with a secretive and modest girl, who will fall in love with him very fast. But this relationships might not last long or be strong. Everything will depend on the willingness of a man to be with her.

If a girl sees herself as a virgin in a dream (but in really is not so) who lie down on the marriage bed with a man, it means that soon she will meet a man who will make her feel like a real woman. This man will make her happy, and thanks to him she will find some new features in own character.

If a young girl dreams of a virgin, it portends that she will uphold own honor and dignity. In upcoming future people will try to defame her, but she will not allow anybody to insult her.

Virgin in a dream can also symbolize an awkward situation, the culprit of which may be the person who spends most of the time with her. Such a dream also makes it clear that the girl entered a new phase of her life, clean and unexplored.