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Virus - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming of viruses or germs states that your attention is strongly attracted to meaningless trivia. If in a dream you are concerned about the possibility to catch up a virus from somebody in your family or friends, it portends that these people will throw you into a dilemma.

If you managed to catch the virus in a dream and became seriously ill, in real life the interpretation is just the opposite. You will be very successful in life, and good health will be your constant companion.

If your computer was attacked by viruses, it bodes that you may pay more attention to new acquaintances and will communicate less with your old friends. Running antivirus program to clean your computer from viruses, means that you are able to defeat all your enemies. If you set a virus into computer programs, it indicates that your ambitions are excessively big. It will ruin your relationship with management and maybe will cause the loss of a loved one.

If you are sick with viral disease, in Miller’s dream book it is interpreted as unpleasant conversations or slight discomfort. For a young woman this dream means disappointment in marriage and longing for the days when she was single. If you dream of infected relatives, it forebodes a peaceful situation in your home, which can be ruined by unexpected event.

If you dreamed of hepatitis which caused jaundice, it foretells that soon you will successfully solve all your difficult problems. If someone else is sick, it warns that your companions may let you down, and you will lose good prospects.

Vanga interpreted a dream in which you have picked up the virus and get sick, as an offer to look at first principles afresh. If your disease was incurable, it indicates that you condemn yourself for the bad actions. If your loved one had a viral disease, he/she needs your help and support. If you saw thousands of people who suffer from the terrible deadly virus and die on the street, maybe you will witness a terrible environmental disaster. If a deadly virus has killed close person, soon you will have personal problems and broken relationships.

In a dream you have an influenza virus, the dream prognoses you excellent health and extreme luck in business.