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Visa - Meaning of Dream

You get a visa to enter another country - this dream has a negative interpretation, and predicts a significant change in your financial situation. Unfortunately, these changes are not for the better. The reason for that will be an unexpected event, in which you will lose the main source of your income.

Especially negative is a dream if seen at night of a fast day. In this case, the problems in the financial sphere will cause complications of family relationships. The process of obtaining a vise means that you are threatened with certain events that will lead to bad outcome of affairs and inability to have a normal lifestyle. Most worryingly that it will last more than one day.

If you issue visas to other people, then you will have to take on additional work. New responsibilities will take up your time and at the same time will not bring any income.

Miller’s dream book states that a dream associated with visa is a harbinger of tough times. If you get a visa and have the opportunity to cross the border, then in reality you might have conflicts with others, which, however, can be reduced to small quarrels. Dream book also foretells possible separation from a loved one. Probably, this separation will last quite long and will bring the dreamer many sad moments. Sometimes a visa, being one of the elements of a dream, portends a complete rupture of relations with your loved one.

To issuea visain a dream– means that you can permanently be trapped in difficulties, get it– is a harbinger of a quarrel with someone or a long separation.

To receive a visa in a dream after a long wait and preparation of all necessary papers and documents, means that separation, which you will inevitably have, will be with scandal and dramatic scenes of jealousy.

Visa in general interpretation means that all your claims will be fully satisfied.