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Vitamin - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you search in a pharmacy for the necessary vitamins, it means that you will choose new attire for an important celebration, which will take place very soon.

If a person opens the box with medicines, but does not find vitamins in it, such a dream promises unexpected gift for a dreamer. Perhaps it will be the premium from management, which he/she will receive for the good work, so a person should try to carry out professional responsibilities in full, without throwing down your burden for others

Dreaming of vitamin, which you scatter on the floor, means that you will need to work hard to get a position, which other people dream of.

If you read an article about the benefits of vitamins for human health, it means that you will have to visit a doctor, because heart problems will again appear in your life. For a girl, such a dream is a sign of parting with her ​​boyfriend, who has betrayed her with a more experienced woman.

If a man receives from a young lady a pack of vitamins as a gift, it means that he has problems in a sexual sphere, and he needs to see a doctor immediately; otherwise the case will result in failure.

Vitamin is a dual symbol, whose interpretation depends on the other elements of the dream. That is why you should remember even small details, in order to lift the veil of the future.

Dreaming of a vitamin can also indicate your vitamin deficiency; if you take vitamins, it means that you will help your friend in resolution of his/her problems; if you throw vitamins – you will get acquainted with your betrothed.

If a girl in the dream wants to commit suicide and takes a whole pack of vitamins, it means that in reality she will be separated with her lover, to whom she had romantic feelings. However, her grief will not last for long, because soon she will meet her future husband, who will propose to her.

When a doctor prescribes a dreamer vitamins as a treatment - in reality he/she will face a serious problem, which will not be able to solve on his/her own, so he/she should not refuse the help from friends.

While interpreting a dream with vitamins you should remember what color it was. If yellow, it is a harbinger of problems with the liver, so the dreamer should not drink a lot of alcohol. Vitamins of red color promise meeting with old love, you will feel passion again, but it will not last for long.

Also, such a dream may indicate that the dreamer's life is not bright enough with emotions that he/she has to look for independently.

If you throw vitamins intentionally, it means that you will have a quarrel with a neighbor. Be careful with him/her, as he/she may say unflattering words about you in front of other people, so it's best not to engage in a discussion with him/her and silently listen to his/her arguments.

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