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Vodka - Meaning of Dream


As in real life vodka in your dream betokens nothing good. It isn’t the case when a negative object from your dreams has a diametrically opposite meaning in reality. This drink is a symbol of unexpected additional troubles in your life.

Being under the influence of this strong alcoholic drink in your dream denotes that you live fast. You don’t see sunshine because you sleep during the day after wild parties. You don’t know what is to be responsible. You haven’t decided what you’d like to be occupied with in your life; you haven’t found your passion yet. It is unknown to you how hard a man should work to earn decent living. You don’t even want to hear about creating your own family. Hanging out with your friends all the time, wasting your parents’ money and having random sexual contacts is all you strive for. Look back. What do you see there? Maybe, it is time to settle down. The decision depends on you.

If you’re drinking vodka in your dream, it bodes disappointments, distress, etc. They can be a result of possible insults and scandals. As you can see, in dreams vodka performs the same functions as in waking life. It bodes plentiful miseries, especially in domestic life. It is not only you who suffer from vodka’s influence. Your family and the people around you also feel it.

Pouring vodka for somebody indicates that you have evil intentions toward some person. Bear in mind that everything you did or said to anyone will catch up with you sooner or later. It is a so called boomerang effect. Analyze a current situation between you thoroughly over and decide whether to act like you’ve planned or not. Won’t your actions be beneath your dignity? The decision is up to you. Also, such a dream presages that you’ll be sunk in rumors over head and ears. To cleanse your reputation will be very difficult.

A dream in which you are buying vodka warns you against taking part in dubious affairs. Be very attentive and don’t adhere to doubtful offers even if an initiator of it is your old friend. You may suffer serious material and immaterial losses.

If you’ve broken to pieces a bottle of vodka, it signifies that your usual way of life will be cardinally changed in a good sense. You’ll be successful in all spheres of your life.

Seeing that other people are drinking vodka in your dream says that you should be more attentive not to miss a crucial chance which fortune will generously present to you.

A shot of vodka betokens favorable changes on a dating front. It means that you’ll meet an interesting person soon. You both will be inflamed with passion. Maybe, this passion will develop into something more serious, who knows.

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