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Voice - Meaning of Dream


If you dream that you hear someone singing, it is not a bad sign. Sometimes through hearing somebody’s voice, you can explain your inner thoughts. Perhaps you are worried about something bad, so you hear voices and seek for help. Pay attention to the person, who sings or tells you something. Maybe you will learn some news from this person. Be attentive to details of a dream about voice, they play an important role in the interpretation.

A dream is a natural physiological process by which a person regains strength and energy. At night, our body is not only relaxing, but also dreams: colorful or black and white. The plot of a dream is either primitive or confusing and bright, but often any dream makes a person think about its meaning. The same is with a dream about hearing a voice.

Interpreters say that if in a dream you hear a young girl singing with a pleasant voice it means that you will receive pleasant and good news. But if you've heard folk tunes, you have to be ready for bad news. Do not just be scared and think that everything will come true. Perhaps, your excitement will only drag the bad news sooner than it is expected.

A dream, in which you hear the voice of a professional, which is pleasant to listen to, such dream promises promotion or changes in career; but if the voice was quiet – be ready for opposite.

Loud voice or vocal can be interpreted as a precursor of fantastic and happy future. If the voice was male, then success will come to you earlier than you were expecting.

Sometimes the month of your birth plays an important role in the interpretation of your dream. For example, those who were born in May, June, July and August, and hear baritone, such dream promises not the best news, it means that people don’t pay attention to your ideas and thought when dealing with you, you play insignificant role in business for them.

Hearing a familiar voice means a romantic date; and voice of a stranger means that you must be careful, and try to remember all the words. Often voice in a dream is telling the truth. In any case, do not despair. The less you think about the bad dreams, the greater the likelihood that they will not come true. There are many dream books and interpreters of dreams, so versions of this dream can be a lot.

Vanga interpreted the dream as an omen of something serious. Still in her understanding the dream means an intuitive beginning. And each dreamer can individually understand what every specific voice in his/her dream means.

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