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Volcano - Meaning of Dream


Volcano in the dream can become a sudden volcano of events in reality.

If you dream of quietly dormant volcano, it could be a sign of the emergence of new feelings in life that unfortunately will not be revealed in the full extent. It most likely will remain hidden and will not be expressed.

Extinct volcano is a symbolism of bright, fiery passions and experiences which have already gone. On the one hand, it means abatement and conflict resolution. And on the other, it is a symbol of cooled relationship with a close friend.

If you dream of a volcanic eruption, it is a clear buildup of conflicts and scandals. But your forces will be enough to cope with the flood of these troubles. It is also possible showdown with family and loved ones. But such discharge will be beneficial for all parties of the conflict. In the end, everything will be resolved well.

To summarize the above, and justify the information about what volcano means in the dream: volcano in nature, it is dangerous changeable and breathable phenomenon of delayed-action. That's why dreams about volcanoes are interpreted as ambiguous and vague. After all, the volcano has multiple states. The dreamer is like a time bomb, sooner or later he/she will explode.

Extinct volcano, it's like a dying beast, which is still fighting for his life. An erupting volcano, it is a terrible and at the same time uniquely amazing action. Therefore, the interpretation of the dream will depend on which of these three states you have seen a volcano.

In any case, the volcano, it is a harbinger of significant changes in the life, the emergence of new twists in fate. And perhaps in these circumstances you will need to show steadfastness, courage and patience to cope with the problems.

Dreams are the secret messages, hidden under the cover of night. They have different characteristics and explanation. Volcano itself is the personification of violent and explosive emotions and feelings. This dream symbolizes that soon the feelings hidden deep inside will burst out by an external influence.

Volcano in a dream, it's a flare-up of ardent passions in real life. Sometimes it is even useful to ejaculate the accumulated negative feelings and emotions. Volcano can also be seen dream in anticipation of some quarrels or conflicts that may offend, hurt, and burn as hot lava; especially is you dream of hot lava erupting out of volcano. In general, the volcano is a symbolism of fire, strength, power and energy hidden deep in the bowels of Mother Earth.

But do not always perceive dreamed volcano as a bad sign. Just be more vigilant and do not get involved in the conflict. Bypass quarrels and scandals in this period; or learn how to smooth things over the conflict. After this dream you need to pay attention to the relationship with your loved one and if there is any uncertainty, it is necessary to solve it through joint negotiations.

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