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Vote - Meaning of Dream

Voting in elections foretells implementation of plans.

Participation in elections while dreaming signifies of actual implementation of some kind of life choice. After this dream you can safely proceed to take decisive action.

If you were chosen by voting somewhere, it portends that in reality you will be relevant to the social, political, and party organizations. Watching the election in a dream bodes that you will become a member of the presidium or other elective body.

If you see how people vote in the election, it tells that you might miss something important at work, if you decide to quit it suddenly.

Own voting in the elections portends that in upcoming future, you will be responsible for an important job, and management will hope for the best results. Alternatively, your boss will pay close attention to you, and moreover, it will be a favorable attention. For women, such dreams promise the meeting with a person of their dreams or with authorities.

If you dreamed that you put up your candidature for election, then you will become a target for rumors. The higher the position you want to take is, the more you will suffer from the evil slander.

If you cheat while voting, it indicates that dishonesty prevails over the best intentions and impulses of your soul.