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Wadding - Meaning of Dream

Wadding is a warning about the need to soften own character. After such a dream it is better to think more careful about situation. If you do not do that, the circumstances will develop in such a way that you will be forced to change your behavior and style of living dramatically. Possible danger will not affect you, if in a dream you see yourself falling into the soft fluffy wool.

Wadding in the dream book of Miller is interpreted as possibility of huge amount of snow and blizzard winter. If you have to plug your ears with cotton, then you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and probably insomnia threatens you. A dream warns that you should take the necessary measures in order to avoid trouble.

If you try to insulate windows with wadding, it means that you might soon catch a cold. If the wool in a dream is used not for its intended purposes, the dreamer may finally become confused with own romantic adventures. This is especially true for men.

Wool in the dream book of Vanga is a harbinger of all sorts of diseases and epidemics. The consequence of this disease could be hundreds of dead, but if you do not touch the wool, then the disaster will pass you by.

If you dream of a very large amount of wool in your house, the disease threatens your close relatives. If you buy wadding, one way or another, you will participate in the mitigation of the consequences of the epidemic. Unfavorable sign is to use cotton/wool for treatment own wounds. A dreamer might get infected and become a carrier of the infection.

If in a dream you look at wadding – then in real life you will have a situation where all your future will depend on delicacy and correctness of your behavior.

In different dream interpreters you can find various meanings, among them are: sad news, wasted efforts, family secret, vain work, some injury, and insidious enemy.

If in a dream you see a cotton field and watch how the cotton balls are blown by wind towards you, it means that somebody will gossip about you and it will defame you.

If you put cotton in ears and mouth, it can mean future losses, connected to your health and nerve system.