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Waffles - Meaning of Dream

You will face one or many serious conflicts, if you saw a dream in which there were waffles. Moreover, the quarrel may arise both with ardent detractors, and with your closest people. Waffles in the dream mean changes in the business.

If you didn’t just see waffles, but also ate them, the meaning a dream varies, depending on who the dreamer is - male or female. Thus, for women to eat waffles is an auspicious sign, predicting a prosperous future and a sweet life. If man ate waffles, this is a warning for him about the possible financial losses. These losses can be very significant, and eventually lead to poverty, ruin or bankruptcy.

If you offered someone to try the delicious waffles, this plot is interpreted as a prediction of interesting dating with very nice people. If a man in a dream is engaged in baking pastry, such as waffles, it means that his financial position is under a serious threat.

If waffles are baked by a single woman, in reality she is anxious about marriage. For some reason, she is afraid that she will not be able to connect her life with a beloved person.

According to the dream book by Miller, you will have to defend your opinion in a dispute that will lead to the conflict.

If in your dream you see waffles – in means in reality you can’t avoid conflicts both within the family and outside it.

To treat somebody with waffles means a pleasant acquaintance in the nearest future.

To eat waffles – means to receive commercial offers. If in a dream you want to buy waffles but you can’t choose the appropriate kind for you, it means that you have a hesitant nature and it bothers you a lot.