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Wager - Meaning of Dream


Seeing that you’ve waged somebody in your dream characterizes you as a person who doesn’t disdain any mean and dishonest ways to reach his/her goals. You stop at nothing. The most important thing for you is to satisfy your demands. To take into consideration the feelings, interests and opinions of other people is not obligatory at all. You are ready to win at any costs. From one point of view it is quite valuable and uncommon feature of character. You can gain almost everything you wish thanks to your ambitions. But if to look at this from another perspective, this trait is destructive for the people you deal with; it affects their interests harmfully for them, but beneficially for you. Have you ever thought that you can ruin somebody’s life in the race for satisfying your whims? Think whether it is worth of it.

If you have seen a dream in which you wanted to take part in some wager but could not do it due to some circumstances, it suggests that you can be humiliated soon. That’s why you’d better be more careful in your words and actions. Don’t do or say anything you are not confident in because your guesses can be turned against you. Certainly, not only under the threat of humiliation but always you should think properly before doing or saying something. If you cannot prevent such an unpleasant for you situation, all the same try to do everything you can to save your face and go through all this with dignity.

Seeing that you’re winning a wager in your dream is a favorable sign. It designates that the fortune will be well-disposed towards you. If there is a run of bad luck, it will be over in the nearest future. You’ll be successful in all your beginnings. Don’t waste such a promising opportunity. The time for making your dreams come true is now.

The opposite dream, in which you have lost a wager, is less pleasant. It means that there is a possibility that someone you know very well (or even a person you are in blood relations with) will hurt you in some way. Of course, you’ll be upset, angry and disappointed because of this betrayal. On the other hand, it is better to get to know what mean trick the people around you are capable of as soon as possible.

If you have refused to take part in some wager because you weren’t confident in your victory, it is a bad omen. The plot of your dream and its interpretation are the same. You can lose a lot of interesting and promising projects and offers because your belief that they will be successful is weak. The worst thing is that you don’t consider yourself as a person who can bring them at this level. You deserve more! Believe in yourself and make honest efforts. It is the recipe of success.