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Waltz - Meaning of Dream

According to modern dream book, if you danced waltz with a charming representative of the opposite sex, it indicates the upcoming marriage.

In the dream book of Miller, a dream where people dancing a waltz, is interpreted as an acquaintance with funny and charming person. He/she will have only one drawback - the tendency for adventure and risk. If a woman dreams that she waltzed with a beloved one - in reality she will attract attention of many men, but she will receive a proposal only from one of them.

If she saw that her sweetheart was dancing waltz with another woman - in reality she will have to demonstrate tremendous patience and understanding to save and strengthen the relationship.

Dreaming of strangers ugly and disorderly whirling in a waltz indicates your thirst for forbidden pleasures. Try to resist the temptation and be prudent, otherwise you will disappoint your friends and relatives with own behavior.

Waltz in Freud's dream book is an auspicious dream, promising that all the problems that bothered you for a long time will be finally resolved. You will feel more relaxed when dealing with people, maybe even you meet s person with whom you will begin a passionate affair.

If you had a great desire to waltz, but something or someone prevented your actions, it means that you do not realize your sexual potential, which is presented to you by nature. Perhaps you think that sex is not the main thing in life and prefer to get involved in other activities. Meanwhile, all the problems that sometimes plague you are the consequence of an overabundance of sexual energy.

If you watched how a beautiful couple was dancing waltz - apparently, you subconsciously want to plunge into the forbidden sexual pleasures.