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War - Meaning of Dream

War in a modern dream is a herald of all sorts of trouble. In reality you might feel anger and jealousy, and face ridicule of false friends. Victorious participation in the war is an omen of real triumph over enemies. People involved in the training camp are the sign of irreconcilable quarrels and unpleasant business. Global disaster is portended by a dream in which you were defeated in a battle. This dream may also be a harbinger of national change. Dreamed army is a harbinger of important public events.

War in the dream book by Miller is interpreted as a distinct disorder, major discord at home. If a young woman dreams of her beloved one being at war, in fact she will get to know about his bad deeds and character traits. Winning the war marks the positive changes: business activity, and prosperity in the family. If you see the defeat of your country, in reality you might face upcoming radical changes in business and politics.

War in the dream book by Vanga is a negative sign, which poses a danger to humanity: hunger, deprivation, massive clashes. Participation in a war portends personal tragedy or grief of relatives.

War in the dream book by Freud reflects insatiable desire for sexual pluralism with elements of violence. If a dreamer sees a war, it reveals all hidden and unrealized sexual fantasies.

To be in the war alone means that you need to take care of your health.

In a dream you see as if numerous troops are passing you by, it foretells you an acquaintance with friends; you will spend a lot of pleasant moments together.

Troops are fighting, and the battlefield is covered with smoke, it is a good sign promises you a peaceful life.

Troops can mean increase in your financial state, reception of important information, or misunderstanding with surroundings.

If troops attack you in a dream, it warns you about problems and depressed morale state.