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Warrior / Soldier - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of a warrior, who prepares to march, promises troubles, worries, and sadness.

To see a marching army means happiness; if you see military exercises you will have success in all matters.

To see a lone warrior foretell that in reality you might face misunderstanding of others.

If a warrior looks at you, it foretells you to feel lonely in own family, but if he turned away from you – it means a silent conflict at work.

If you are a lonely warrior – in one month and one day you might have a good chance to find a new job, which will satisfy your desires.

For young girls, to see themselves being female warriors is considered to be a good sign - a year later they will get married to clever and independent men, whom they will unquestioningly obey.

To be wearing the military uniform means to encounter strife and discord in the family.

Veteran is a herald of success in affairs and stability of your position in society.

To have a meeting with veterans portends good news.

To fall in love with officer in a dream foretells danger because of own stupidity.

Admiral is an auspicious sign of possibility to be promoted or to have a better paid job.

If you are a sea warrior – it bodes that someone will persistently interfere with your progress and create all sorts of obstacles and problems for you.

A general who is greeting you means unexpected success in affair which you considered hopeless.

If you see a general with all his regalia and honors in a dream, it forebodes troubles, anxiety and excitement due to the fact that you have overestimated own capabilities.

To see a Colonel– means successes, the captain–you will solve difficult problems.

For girls, to dream about captain means meeting with future spouse.

Dreaming of a captain can be an omen of you being drawn in a quite risky venture, and if you don’t make mistakes, you will be a winner.

For a woman, a cadet means happiness in love; for men –upcoming scenes of jealousy.

Paratrooper in a dream is a prognostic of increased risk in future plans, therefore before you decide on something new or not fully known, it is advisable to consider all pros and cons again.

If you dream of a sergeant, it indicates that your beloved one is trying to put you under his influence.

If you see a gunner, it could be a prognostic of upcoming deception.

Rookie, seen in a dream might herald the imminent loss or communication with somebody who is unpleasant for you.

Honor guard in your dream promises you happiness, but sometimes it's a sign of mistrust to you by colleagues or a boss.

If you are guarding, it foreshadows that you will be alone with own problems, now you should not rely on someone else's help.

To dream of a soldier's training means success in your undertakings.

To be present in a military camp during exercises, for young women means upcoming marriage, and for married women –love acquaintance and betrayal of her husband.

To live in barracks with soldiers bodes that you will do useful work for the benefit of society, or to help someone in your family.

If you dreamed of military equipment, it means a future acquaintance with a military man.

AWOL in a dream portends upcoming conflicts with partners or colleagues.