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Wart - Meaning of Dream

Excessive concern about warts in a dream reflects your inability to defend your fair name. A good sign is if you notice the unexpected disappearance of warts. This dream shows you the opportunities, by the means of which you will overcome all adversity. Your persistence will surely lead you to success in life.

In your dream you see a person with warts, it warns you to be careful - your enemies are nearby. To remove warts indicates your ablity to reject any attacks of enemies, aimed at both you and your loved ones.

Wart in the dream book by Vanga is a symbol of unexpected upcoming problems. If warts have repulsive form or are frighteningly huge which cause your horror, in reality you will cause suffering to somebody. Your frivolous nature will be the reason for this.

If you carefully remove the warts, in reality you are experiencing shame for some of your actions and would like to hide these moments of your life from others.

If you see a hand with warts held towards you, it means that there are hypocrites around you who pretend to be your colleagues. If you don’t pay attention, they will not lose the opportunity to spite you.

The disappearance of warts from your hands symbolizes the disappearance of the old problems with no effort on your part. A dream, in which you happen to see a suffering person covered with terrible warts, should be considered as a warning. In this case, your desire to help him will be unfruitful.

According to the dream interpreter, warts on own body in dream is a warning that soon a good name of a dreamer will be dishonored, and the dreamed will have to make a push in order not to be ashamed.

To have warts on lower extremities, means that a dreamer will face some troubles on the way to success. Warts on upper limbs mean financial prosperity.

To see a wart on a nose means that you see how problems appear, but you try to avoid responsibility.

If you see warts on somebody else, it means that you are surrounded by dissemblers, be careful. If your close ones suffer from warts, be ready for disorder in family.

If you cut a wart in your dream, it means that your stubbornness will not bring any pleasant results.

If you see warts on your face, it is a signal that you will need to spend a lot of energy and put great efforts in order to defend your own opinion and position.