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Water - Meaning of Dream


Water, is a symbol of happiness. Water in a dream promises joy and prosperity. Any container with clean water promises riches.

Water in the river, predicts success if it is clean. Turbulent water in the river foreshadows the threat posed by powerful and strong man.

If you see a boat floating on the river, it means that you are on the right track.

If you see the dream that the water filled your bedroom, it means that you have to be ready for arrival of a distant relative who will help with your business. Waves on the water mean evil intentions of a guest and disturbance.

If you see the dream where water is flowing near your house, it means that you will get a well-paid job, and your life will be financially stable. You will spend money not only on your needs but also to help the needy.

If you dream of a glass with clear water, this dream foretells a happy marriage. Cracked glass is not a good sign: for men it is a sign of death of his wife while delivery, but the child will stay alive; for women, it is a sign of demise of her husband.

If you are a priest and you see water in your dream, it means that you perform your duty happily. Muddy water in such dream means sectarian orientation.

If you dreamed of water in the well, and you take it out, it means that soon you will get married. Muddy water in the well, says about the fragility of relationships.

If you treat your friends with clear water from the well, it means that they will become rich.

If the water is dirty in your dream, it means that you will bring disappointment and tumult.

In the dream you carry water in something that is not used for that, it means fraud or loss. But if the water does not spill while you are doing it, you will be able to avoid trouble.

To see a pond with water, it means calm and happy life. Pure water in a pond located in the center of the field, predicts wealth, family and children.

If the water floods the shore, it means that you may lose your status/position or loved ones.

If you see the water in a dream in a picturesque location, it is a harbinger of a romantic encounter and beginning of a serious relationship.

Bubbling water in the dream is a symbol of fire, strife and proceedings.

If you see the water flowing over the rocks, it means that you will lose a dispute or lawsuit.

To be in the water, is a sign of a looming disaster.

If you see people drowning in the water it indicates upcoming scandal and failure in business.

Swimming in the water means danger, which is already close.

If you are floating/swimming in the darkness, then you will be plagued by doubts on some sensitive issue.

If you see your reflection in the water, it means the death of a loved one.

To dream of a dried up water source, it means that you might encounter a hazard.

If you just hear the sound of water, but you do not see it, then wait for the return of a person whom you haven’t seen for a long time.

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