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Waterfall - Meaning of Dream

If you stand next to a beautiful huge waterfall, in the modern dream book it is a good sign, symbolizing cleansing, and escaping problems and bad habits. This dream tells that you can manage the desires and habits that destroy your life and luck will be with you again.

A waterfall in a dream may indicate that your wishes will finally be realized, and in foreseeable future you will have personal and business success.

Also if you see the pure waterfall, it can be a sign that soon you will be invited for a holiday or event, which will bring you positive emotions and will stay in your memory as an atmosphere of joy and fun.

Dreams where you observe waterfall with stormy dark water are a harbinger of future difficulties that fate sends you as a lesson. Thanks to the experience and knowledge in the future you will be able not only to avoid these problems, but also to achieve great success.

Waterfall in the dream book by Miller is evidence that you are overcome by craving and obsessions, fulfillment of which may end up in problems and loss. This dream shows your strive to overcome these irrational desires, and, most likely you will be able to manage them and achieve spiritual harmony.

If you see yourself swimming in the water of a clear waterfall, Vanga explained it as a symbol of higher power affecting you. If you hear their advice and harmoniously contact with them, you have all the potential to become an outstanding personality and gain a good reputation. Muddy and dirty waterfall that pours on you is a herald of troubles, conflicts and disagreements with loved ones. Only kindness and patience will help you overcome a bad patch in life; otherwise your soul will be crippled by anger, painful impressions and memories.

Waterfall in Freud’s dream book is a symbol of the strong emotional experiences. If you look at waterfall from the top or from the side, it means that strong feelings and emotions do not give you serenity; therefore you should get emotional discharge. You need to forget about shyness and get liberated, so as to achieve harmony with your partner.

If a waterfall is small, you will get to know something new.

In a dream you admire a waterfall, it signals that in real life you are detached from reality.